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To progress to Grade 6 practical in your chosen instrument


music theory lessons nottingham

Enhance Your Musical Knowledge

Private Music Theory Lessons Nottingham

Private Music Theory lessons Nottingham. Here at Julie Donald’s Music School I teach music theory, this to me is the most important aspect of fully learning how to play any musical instrument.

I teach from home and I am based in the Carrington/Sherwood area, I have been teaching music for over 25 years.


What are Music Theory Lessons

The development of your skills as a musician are obviously very important. It cannot be emphasised enough that as you progress with the practical side of playing and performing music that your skills in music theory and general music knowledge are needed. In order for you to enhance your performances with the confidence and sensitivity they deserve. Music theory is an absolute must to help you to understand the rudiments of music and to enable you to be able to communicate with other musicians.

Understanding music is not hard if taught in the correct way.

circle of fifths - music theory lessons nottingham

The only way to fully understand all about music is to take music theory lessons. It is far easier as a player to be able to follow a song by actually reading the sheet music.

Music Theory Lessons Nottingham – Ages

I teach all ages, children from age 4 upwards right through to mature students

Music Theory Lessons Nottingham – Examinations

I teach all grades of music theory lessons and the examination board that is used for music theory exams is A.B.R.S.M (Associated Board Royal School Of Music)

Do You Want To Progress Higher Than Grade 5 Practical On Your Chosen Instrument

All students who wish to progress in their practical examinations to Grade 6, 7 , 8 or Diploma Level are required to Pass GRADE 5 Music Theory Before you can go on to take your relevant Grades.

I do get a lot of students from other teachers just for music theory lessons as sometimes this has not been taught along with the instrument. If you need to take music theory grades to further your practical examinations then please do not hesitate to contact me for more information on lesson availability


Music Theory Lessons Nottingham

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